Lil Bling Stamper - Clear

Lil Bling Stamper - Clear

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The Lil Bling is all about seeing where you stamp. #seewhereyoustamp. Seeing where you stamp, makes it easier to line up nail art images on the fingernail. The Lil Bling is our original size clear stamper designed for people who have smaller fingernails. But, don’t let that throw you off, this stamper is a great all-around stamper and is appropriate for small or large nail art. This stamper comes with protective caps and is adorned with sparkly crystal bling. The end caps protect your stamping head and act as a handy way to hold your stamper upright on your table. The base cap is adorned with bling and contains an extra stamping head. That’s a bonus because you have a backup stamper head and your stamper also looks great on your work surface.

What you Get

  • 1 Stamper
  • 2 Protective End Caps
  • 1 Extra Jelly Stamping Head
  • Credit Card Style Scraper

H- 6cm x D- 3cm