Mirror Chrome Powder

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One of the very first and the best quality chrome powder used by many nail techs and nail salons. Use the Mirror Chrome Powder to create the highly sought after true mirror chrome nails!

Cosmetic Grade FDA Approved silver chrome pigment; safe for use on nails and skin.

Tips: Can be applied over different base colors for a different colored chrome look. For more vibrant chrome colors, we recommend the fine Metallic Chrome Flakes in 6 different colors,


  1. Apply base color (optional).
  2. Apply a layer of the Daily Charme Chrome Effect Gel, or other brand no-wipe gel topcoat.
  3. Use a sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator, make up sponge or a silicone brush to buff a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface. 
  4. Brush off excess powders off the nail.
  5. Apply a layer of Daily Charme 5-in-1 Strengthening Gel, or other brand builder/hard gel to prevent chipping.
  6. Seal with Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Topcoat or other brand gel top coat.

Size: 1g

Tips: Little bit of this powder goes a long way!